Battered Platters

All platters come with lemon & homemade tartare sauce

Fisherman's Lunch $45.00

2 x Battered Seafood Sticks
4 x Crumbed Prawn Cutlets
6 x Crumbed Calamari
2 x Battered Fish & 1 x Chips

Fresh Catch$18.90

1 x Prawn Cutlet
1 x Battered Seafood Stick
3 x Calamari
3 x Fish Cocktails & 1 x Chips

The Mini Battered $15.00

2 x Prawn Cutlets
2 x Calamari
2 x Fish Cocktails
1 serving of Chips

BBQ Platter for 2$45.00

Octopus Pieces
Tasmanain Scallops
BBQ Prawnss
Baby Calamari
Grilled Fish
Served with chips and garden salad

The Battered Catch $15.00

1 x piece of Fish
3 x Calamari Rings
1 serving of Chips

Fresh, Crispy & Grilled

House Fillet – NZ Hake$10.00

Crumbed, Battered or Grilled

with Salad $14.50

Grilled Barramundi Fillet$19.50

with Salad $24.00

Grilled Perch$16.50

with Salad $21.00

Battered Flat Head Fillet$16.50

with Salad $21.00

Fresh Atlantic Salmon$19.50

with Salad $24.00

Crumbed Calamari (6)$11.00

with Salad $15.50

Fish Cocktails (6)$9.00

with Salad $13.50

Battered Whiting Fillet $16.50

with Salad $21.00

Crumbed Prawn Cutlets (6)$12.50

with Salad $17.00

Grilled Octopus$16.50

with Salad $21.00

Chicken Schnitzel$13.00

with Salad $17.50

Lamb Backstrap Souvlaki(2)$20.00

served with Salad & Pita

Chicken Souvlaki$16.50 (2)

served with Salad & Pita

All meals come with
homemade tartare sauce and fresh lemon

Snacks & Sides

ChipsS $3.00, M $4.50, L $8.00

Sweet Potato Chips$7.00

Loaded Greek Fries$8.50

Served with fetta cheese and oregano.

Haloumi Fries (6)$7.00

Grilled Haloumi (4)$12.90

BBQ Prawns (4)$8.00

Marinated in special Greek dressing.

Salt and Pepper Calamari$12.50

Crumbed Calamari$2.00

Potato Scallop$2.00

Seafood Stick$2.00

Fish Cocktail$2.00

Prawn Cutlet$2.50

Chicken Souvlaki$4.50

Lamb Backstrap Souvlaki$6.00

Fresh SaladS $4.50, L $9.00

Lil’ Nipper Meals each $7.50 come with tomato sauce


The Veggie Burger$10.90

Veggie patty with lettuce, tomato, onion, beetroot & battered mayo.

Combo (Burger + Chips + Soft Drink or Water) $15.90

The Chick$12.90

Chicken schintzel with cheese, lettuce, & battered mayo.

Combo (Burger + Chips + Soft Drink or Water) $17.90

The Cheesy Burger$11.90

Premium angus beef patty with cheese, onion, pickles & cheesy sauce.

Combo (Burger + Chips + Soft Drink or Water) $16.90

The Captain Cook$15.00

Premium home-made angus beef patty with cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce & beetroot.

Combo (Burger + Chips + Soft Drink or Water) $20.00

The Fish$12.90

Freshly battered fish with lettuce, tomato & battered mayo.

Combo (Burger + Chips + Soft Drink or Water) $17.90


All Milkshakes$6.50

Chocolate       Vanilla       Banana
Strawberry       Caramel       Lime



Wine (per glass)$8.50

Soft Drink Can$3.50

Soft Drink 600 mL$4.50


Menu items and prices are subject to change without notice.